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India still lives in its villages, the enormous potential of the rural masses to contribute to and share in the growth of the country remains untapped. The key to developing this potential is education, but the educational scenario of India especially East Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand are very poor. Education imparted in the local language means the majority of graduating students lack basic skills and are neither employable nor able to pursue higher education.

In these above challenges in education we are coming with an initiative “Lali foundation” that is a registered society under society registration act 1860 having registration no 504/2015-16. Lali foundation provides high quality education at very low costs. Because of even minimal fees are unaffordable for many rural families. With parents engaged in entry level positions and working as labourers, carpenters, field workers, construction workers, and street vendors, income is inconsistent and varies based on the season and demand for employment. Even with two wage earners in the family, income is often insufficient for meeting basic household and dietary requirements. Even minimal school fees strain already limited budgets, forcing families to cut expenditures in other areas such as food, medicine and clothing. The reality of this situation necessitated the development of a scholarship program. That is why we are coming with Lali foundation’s scholarships/sponsorships program named as Student Eligibility Test for Weaker Areas [SEWA 2015-16].